Oncogene detection and treatment

Objective To review the basic biology of the HER2 signaling network, discuss various approved methods for its detection in clinical specimens and to describe the impressive results of therapies targeting HER2.

Detection of oncogenes in the diagnosis of cancers with active oncogenic signaling

Future directions Many researchers are very hopeful about the future of cancer treatments based on the specific gene changes found in cancer cells, and this remains a very active area of research.

In a study, Allan and coworkers used Tc99m-labeled monoclonal antibodies to HER-2 protein and reported encouraging results3. These tests can help predict which patients are more likely to have their cancers come back after treatment.

All of these genes encode transmembrane growth factor receptors, which are tyrosine kinase type 1 receptors with growth stimulating potential. When Southern blot analysis was performed on both benign female breast tissue and male breast tissue showing gynecomastia, no significant amplification was identified [ 79 ].

Thus we need a thorough understanding of the nature of these hallmarks. Consistent with Darwinian principles, cancer evolves through random mutations and epigenetic changes that alter these pathways followed by the clonal selection of cells that can survive and proliferate under circumstances that would normally be deleterious.

These tests can find even tiny amounts, representing small numbers of CML cells among millions of normal cells.

How genes can help in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

An additional challenge is that the therapeutic landscape for patients with BRAF-mutated melanoma is rapidly evolving with the advent of new agents dabrafenib, LGX, trametinib, cobimetinib, etc.

Finally, we discuss the path ahead to therapeutic discovery and provide theoretical considerations for combining orthogonal cancer therapies. In addition, FISH can readily be performed on archived paraffin blocks stored for long periods and has been successfully applied to fine-needle aspiration biopsies2.

Actually these drugs often target the protein made by the abnormal gene and not the gene itself. HER2 has no known ligand. There are many clinical trials under way today that could lead to better treatments for many types of cancer.

For example, patients with acute myeloid leukemia AML whose leukemia cells have a mutation in the FLT3 gene have a poorer prognosis than patients whose leukemia cells do not contain that mutation. The expression of HER2 is regulated by signaling through eostrogen receptors.

It is important that trastuzumab is restricted to HER2-positive individuals as it is expensive and has been associated with cardiac toxicity.

Nat Med ; 19 Breast cancers are now routinely tested to see if they are or the HER2 positive to identify which patients will benefit from these drugs.

Doctors may recommend more intense treatment, including stem cell transplant for someone whose leukemia cells have this mutation. It becomes an oncogene when a cell has too many copies of this gene. These drugs can slow cancer cell growth and improve outcomes in patients with HER2 positive cancers.

Some drugs work better in people with certain mutations. It is possible that the tumor regression observed under such circumstances is a composite of tumor cell autonomous effects combined with tumor cell-mediated activation of the innate immune system.The HER-2/neu Oncogene in Breast Cancer: Prognostic Factor, Predictive Factor, and Target for Therapy against the HER-2/neu protein and their potential to become a new modality for breast cancer treatment.

Xing W-R, Gilchrist KW, Harris CP et al. FISH detection of HER-2/neu oncogene amplification in early onset breast cancer. Jun 25,  · An oncogene could be compared with a gas pedal that is stuck down, which causes the cell to divide out of control. A few cancer syndromes are caused by inherited mutations of proto-oncogenes that cause the oncogene to be turned on (activated).

Oncogene is a journal for researchers interested in the molecular biology of malignant change including molecular biologists, cell biologists, oncologists, geneticists and biotechnologists. Once again, the oncogene activation produced by the DMBA treatment was not sufficient to cause carcinoma development but required promotion by phorbol ester to obtain cancer.

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Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes

DETECTION, AND TREATMENT Proceedings of the International Breast Cancer Research Conference London, United Kingdom - MarchMammary Oncogene R. Nusse, A. Van Ooyen, E.

Principles of Cancer Therapy: Oncogene and Non-oncogene Addiction Download
Oncogene detection and treatment
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